Friday, March 6, 2015

Run By The Numbers

I am watching now a youtube video about "loving your work" and the speaker has just said about "run by the numbers" or our world is run by the numbers.

And it is exactly true. We wake up at 5 am and our time is up at about 6 to be able to ride the bus or our own vehicle to our workplace. At about 10 minutes of our work we crunched the time in order to have that coffee while reading our junks of emails. And somehow we lost about an hour. Slave by the numbers.

Sales people are like that. Quotas. Prices. Sales. And their life is determined by how many "values" or price they have add up to the company. And so are we. We define our life when we are "in progress" when we can afford such kind of house worth something of a number. We pride ourselves as successful when we have investments of suck kind of value.

But in the end we are slaves of numbers. Of getting most of the life and not thinking that somehow or definitely those are meaningless unless we give meaning to them. RIGHT NOW!

Let us use our time and money on meaningful coffee table conversation. Let us spend our weekends on family. Let us enjoy life.

And prove that we are not run by the numbers. We are the users of the numbers!

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