The Rise Of Private Message And Other Stories

Lately I am not into blogging. I have those days of doing just nothing but sleep or just watching my favorite and latest TV series via live streaming. Sometimes writing seems so far away. Until today.

After some weeks of "busy" as they said it because of the turn-over of the plant to us, it seems that normal days are here again. I can shoot photos and write blogs again. But one thing is making it a little harder. The private messaging/chat apps.

Name it. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, Skype, Tango, Twitter, IMO, Kik and others are just some of the many popular messaging/video/chat apps in my smartphone.  And yes my YM - the very originator of them all - Yahoo Messenger is still alive and kicking. I remember about 8 years ago everytime I open my computer the very first thing to do is not opening my email but my YM. Then it somehow disappear because of Facebook then after digging and reopening it I found that most of the people abandoned YM but still there are so many loyalists to it. Including me.

This morning I have wonderful minutes of talking to Dey and Bambz via Tango chat and video call. I prefer Tango now over Skype since it delivers much more quality audio and video.

**updating today April 19

Thanks God we have renewed our internet connection here in our place and I am back to normal. So about my article yesterday I can say that the rise of the popularity of the chat and video call signal the era of communication to go back to its real roots; personal communication with our loved ones. In social media we can be friends with whoever they are online no matter how or usually we do not have personal interaction with them. But with private chat and message we are having this "family-affair" again of communicating with our beloved ones. And it is really good. It is good since we are returning to the basic or to the core where we should be.

Anyways I have to sleep early for tomorrow I have to go again to work. Happy day Dammam!
Maybe the other stories will be told some other days.


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