Thank You

This photo was taken last December in Ilocos. Thank you for my DSLR for this awesome picture. And though I am able to take some breath-taking view in the Philippines I am indeed very grateful to have my two good cameras to capture those moments. Thank you.

Sometimes in times of loneliness, of sorrow and somehow hopeless cases all we can do is to say "Thank You". Thanks God for all these times that we are alive. Though it is so simple and so common, sometimes we really neglect and forget to say it even in our thoughts because we are so busy noticing other things.

So now even though I am busy I will offer these "thank you's" to someone(s) that deserve it now.

1. My parents - Inay and Tatay - all of my grandparents

2. Brothers and sisters- though we seldom see each other because we are all have family of our own our blood bonding will never be separated.

3. Long lost friends - they are those treasured high school friends, elementary years friends and neighborhood friends who somehow we do not see on regular basis but when we do, time just has its magic of returning to the very time that we are so very much of a friend. As if high school was yesterday only.

4. Circumstances - there are many untoward circumstances that bring us to wherever we are today. Some things just happened and the last time I know is that I am here in Saudi now. Some things like that.

5. Strangers - sometimes talking to a complete stranger give us the freedom to talk and to regain ourselves in a very very different way.

Yesterday my two colleagues here approached to have my signature on their clearances. What? clearances? Oh no! Somehow they have to go and I was sad and somehow depress that in our nearly two years of working together, sometimes we have to go and explore other opportunities. We were not that closed but close enough to be called as friends. They are Pakistani expat and unfortunately will go on other journey.

Again thank you to them.


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