Thursday, April 27, 2017

My Inspiration

I always look for an inspiration. Sometimes they are my family. Sometimes they can be found on the books that I am reading like Seth Godin or any other successful individual out there. But then I have settled for one mentor that I know will really help me to hurdle life's challenges.

I am introducing my all time favorite mentor, Cardinal Rosales. I knew from the start that he is the one that I have needed. I have looked back in my childhood and he was there. He usually went and officiated a mass during the Saint Michael Celebration of our barangay every September and he was there. I made it sure I was also there and heard his Mass. He has this leadership in his voice and powerful command in his Homily. He was so intelligent and really an authority when it comes to sermon and giving moral stories and lessons for all of us. He is a saint for me.

And when there is the celebration of Batangas City Fiesta every January he usually on the morning mass and I made it sure I am on the front row to have a glimpse of his face and hear his angelic and commanding voice.

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