Thursday, April 27, 2017

This Day

The summer heat is so intense now here in the Philippines. And one way to relieve myself it to go to a nearby mall; SM Batangas. And so I went there this afternoon. I have noticed this American or a white guy which definitely not a Filipino and he was somehow a senior citizen. And he walked so slow. I was near the door near Starbucks and just sitting in the Chowking vacant seats there. Maybe it was around 2 pm and this man was walking so slow approaching my view. He had this grocery stroller and I guess his arm has injury and maybe because of his age he really cannot walk that fast.

Fast forward 5 pm and I was back in SM and I saw him again and this time he had finished his buying some stuff maybe at the grocery and imagine that! It was almost 5 hours of staying in SM and wow I don't want to age now!

I have noticed earlier that a Filipino man sometimes wanted to help him but I guess the American refused the help for some reason I really don't know.

And I am imagining my life now. I am getting older and I am single and oh my God maybe I would end up like that man I have seen this day. Only time will tell.

God help me please?

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