Monday, March 25, 2013

What About Now?

It was good to know in this age of online media still there was a Batangueno newspaper around. I had seen it when I was taking my rest and coffee session at Cafe Baylosis in Batangas City. And upon reading  I had seen a familiar name, R. Muria and R. Lontok. How I wish I could take up Law. Oh I remember Rose ( my grad school classmate) chatted on me on Facebook and was encouraging me to take up Jurisprudence degree together with her this year. I said I will think about it. I said I need some rest from study. Studying was really hard. But enjoyable and enriching on my whole personality.

This week culminate the Holy Week in the Catholic tradition. I am looking forward for my next Visita Iglesia this year. Last year we were in Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban Quezon. And as of tentative plans, my cousin Heidi is inviting us for their churh-visit trips maybe on Thursday or Friday.

Yesterday we had watch the latest Disney's movie Oz. It was a reminisce of Johny Depp but he was not on the starring role. Basically it was a good movie with some magical twist towards the ending that made me believed once again. If you believe you can be whatever you wanted to be!

And lastly I can't believe that there was "Earth Hour" last Saturday. Imagine that in Mindanao. An 8-hour "Earth Day" everyday of their lives because of the rotating brown-outs. Is this Ramos-era once again? I hope not. So what about now? I am tired of Kris and Heart and Chiz and whoever candidate that wants to steal the limelight in social media. I am tired of the politicians who will do anything to catch our attention. I am tired of the traffic. I am tired of being tired. What about now?

I guess I need some spiritual retreat. A rejuvenating journey towards Jesus. This week.

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