Friday, December 6, 2013

At Least I Have Met One Of Each

Intelligent Person. There are so many intelligent people that I have met and talked to so far. They are those persons with great intelligence that give them the mastery of their chosen fields. I will name one as an example. My accounting professor in MBA. Dean Calingasan as we know him is an example of an intelligent person. He opens our mind in the world of accounting and make it sure that we understand it in a very layman's terms. He teaches us with great clarity and good examples that I can still remember even up to now. I could add up more but he is enough as an example.

Beautiful Person. Cindy. Oh my Cindy. No other creature can be more beautiful than you are. No further explanation needed!

Loving Person. Of course I can never replace my mother on this list. No further explanation. No question ask.

I hope others have their list too or have met any one as a list of their own.

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