Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wonderful Plant

Once again a big "thank you" to Mr Paul Magtibay for these wonderful photos of the power plant. I think it is only on his Iphone! Wow! That magnificent shot!

And then I look back. Some sort of self-reflection. And I find myself learning everyday. I am learning as a gift of being alive. Even in idle times I am learning. I am contemplating of my seven years stay in this power plant. And happy to say I have also contributed some of my ideas and talents for the betterment of this plant.

We have stabilized the inventory management and I am proud to say that almost 99% accuracy have been achieved. We have revised and improved the Material Control Procedure. We have migrated to new SAP system as well as transferred to our new warehouse building. We have added a new policy about safety stock and obsolescence which were a major breakthrough in terms of auditing our inventory management.

And we are still continue to evolve but if and if I will be resigning (later?) then I can safely say that we have done much and contribute what are necessary to have a continuous and smooth operation of the power plant. That alone is sometimes I think will be our greatest contribution.

And yes my guts tells me that maybe within this month I will be out of here and will  start a new life and job somewhere else. Though I am hesitant and quite nervous but with the right knowledge and fully documented processing we will survive there!

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