New Hopes

Each morning gives us new hope, new meaning, new struggles. I hope that every morning will bring us closer to God, to his mission of doing good for the others. Even if the others do not reciprocate what we are doing and instead do something otherwise. I forgive those people who for some reason or the other do something wrong just to get ahead. I forgive those people who do not see the good in others and instead bring destruction to us. I know they have done for some reasons but eventually they should realize that still they are human. Just being possessed momentarily by some evil spirits.

I know I can control my rage now. But yesterday I did not but eventually it settled down. I do not want to spend my quality time just by giving those individual the unnecessary attention even though they have caught my attention and triggered that rage. I know they have done it because it is their only reason to be happy in such an evil ways. I know their time will come and realize that indeed they have done wrong and maybe they will die with it. I hope so. I hope that they should realize when  something bad happened to their loved ones. A matter of karma. And they deserve it if not now I hope maybe later. Sooner!


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