Learning To Say "NO"

This is about self-preservation. I have learned to say no to something, to someone. I have learned to disagree and complain about something. I have learned to prioritize myself first and then the others next. I have learned to give quality time alone. I have learned to say NO!

I even learned to say no to some offer if it will compromise my current plan. I learned to say that I do not want the situation I am into now. So I make some actions. I move and I am willing to do it. I will never forever be in that situation or in that same place. I have to go out!

And I learned to say no to temptations. I have learned the art of control. The art of patience. The art of waiting for the right Yes!

And I think it is coming on my way. Lots of it!


  1. :) as i have said in my reply to you in my blog, you are smart and the world has a place for people like you. May the force be with you.

  2. thank you and you became my first female mentor hahaha!! thanks again and kitakits sa middle east?!!


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