Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Still Valuable

And I have got the call. From last month. A few months ago. And the most recently this morning. I still update my profile. Updating my skills is my choice and intentions. I should have done this a long time ago and better not stuck in here.

I have much of the time. Much of the resources. I must include it in my prayers that someday I will be able to pull  some networks and basically work it for me. Many are online. Many are just filling the blank. Some replies with full details. Some ask for my information. Some contacted me and we had the conversations. And most recently I have signed. My first step. My first crawl after long years of hibernating in this swamp place full of crocodiles. A place of not learning. A place where culture of being dishonest continue to thrive. A place where infidelities are abound. A place of sins. A sinner's world! And I do not want to join them.

The other shore might take long to swim but I will try. Just to get out of here.

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