Monday, November 4, 2013


Statistics? You are partly right. Partly wrong. I have once remarked that you can spot a lie or a pattern of a human behavior but just looking at some deviations that they have made. They maybe jolly then all of a sudden they become sad. A deviation. And some events trigger that changes. A deviation. Once a person cannot control his normal acts he will resort to something very different to what is normal of him.

And I have seen recently some deviations. Not to speak of myself but the others since I can learn from them and see if I have deviated too from my normal and common ways of living.

Let's go to a favorite hang-out. Starbucks. We drink coffee there and have some meaningful conversations. And we meet and forge a deal in a cup of coffee. Until I have seen someone. She is not a frequent to that coffee shop. And I know now. I have connected the dots. I judged her because it was so obvious.

And back to that coffee shop. A couple of nights ago I have seen a familiar face. An authority. He belonged to a prestigious group. I never liked him since day one. And will never be. His sarcastic and commanding voice that divided the whole organization definitely earn him as A NONSENSE TO ME. He is just a trash with worth of peso being given to him.

And I have seen him in Starbucks. Did I greet him? I will never attemp. He never saw me. And I will not even try to smile if he will see me.

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