Friday, August 29, 2014

"Nasaan Na Ang Anak Ni Oscar?"

I am just staring at my Pinterest account and I have seen this viewmaster photo. It brings back memories of my 80's where some of my friend's father were in Saudi Arabia and they had this wonderful device. And I am never seeing this one now. Just in photos.

Just like in a last corner before our flat here in Dammam there is this advertisement in the old building and it is for rent now. Do you know what is it before? It is an international cabin spot - short for a telephone booth in the 80's and the 90's where OFW should wait in line just to have those precious minutes of talking to their family at the other end of the line miles and miles away in the Philippines.

And now it is just a click away.

Some photos seem to bring us flashes of memories from our past. Looking at the photo which is  an abandoned  railway somehow bring me to that late 80's or early 90's where I have remembered Oscar. He is a real person but I'd rather not say if it is his real name. In that era I was close to him but not that close. He was a genius and he still is a genius but I don't know where he is now. For sure he is not dead right now.

Just like with my classmate's death ( I will tell in another entry) who happened to be a surprised to us this Oscar left me now with impression of her daughter. I have met the daughter a long time ago maybe early 90's and she was so intelligent and I could tell that from my line of questioning her I could say that her IQ was beyond normal. Way up beyond the average!

So now I am just wondering where is the daughter of Oscar? I know she has Chinese in her blood as far as I remember her. If I will search for her in the internet for curiosity reason then where should I begin? I even don't know her name (time got its way) and for sure she is not using her dad's surname either.

I am just wondering at this moment when sometimes life here is just nothing but to wonder for everything in the past.

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