Starting A Collection

Back in the Philippines I have tried to collect and use some pens for a collection. However I was never serious about it because of some circumstances mainly on the cost side. But then I am here in Saudi Arabia and a few walks away from our house are some stores that carry and sell those pens. So I paid a visit a couple of nights ago and I have bought some "made in China" original pens! Ironic isn't it? But yes they have brands but Chinese intended not to engrave or put it in prints. How about the quality? They are all fine. And mind you much cheaper than the signature brands!

So the signature or more popular brands are the photos below. Parker, Inoxcrom and I might buy Sheaffer and others in the future. For now I shall settle for Parker. The legend!

P. S....

I have found this "antique" Parker which is a gift from Keilco way back in 2007. And I am still using it!


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