Hear It On Vinyl

And I guess I am obsessed with it..I have checked this morning my Flickr account and I have seen these photos of vinyl and I have clicked it. At first I was stunned by the photo ( taken by a professional) and the camera he used to capture that then my curiosity ran deep and one click away I have these multiple sites ( youtube, facebook, twitter, etc) looking at these turntables.

A big thanks to Flickr Links of Mr. D that I have seen his photos..thank you very much...

Then I have liked  Satchmi FB Page ( the distributor of Motorino in the Philippines) and I also followed Satchmi Twitter to have latest updates from them. And of course I have checked the Satchmi Website to check some items. I also check Olx ( sulit.com previously) Motorino Turntable and I really should buy it when I come home.

And maybe after some time I will be longing for this very old-fashioned vinyl player I have found on Youtube

By the way I have read yesterday that vinyl records are going mainstream again since the sales of its records are going on a very high demand nowadays. A sort of being nostalgic in times of digitally enhanced modern world!


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