The Lamp

Thank you to the Flickr account of Mr Hernandez that I have found the photo above. It reminds me of my elementary years in Ilijan where we still have no electricity and should rely on that kerosene lamp. It kept us awake to study at night. It gave us light throughout the longest night.

So what's happening now? Too much rest is not that good I guess or am I just exhausted or have I exhaust every single area of Dammam to visit? I guess so. Last Friday we had our swimming in Safwa - later I will make a blog about it.

I have called yesterday my nephew in the Philippines who happened to be his day-off since he is working in a BPO company for URC.He handled technical support and assistance to various business unit of URC. Thanks God he got a job so early after his graduation! And thanks God also he has just graduated and yes I am the one who  financed his college education. And it means I could save money for me now. And I am doing it little by little but I never stopped giving my mother financial assistance every month. Thanks to this country that I am able to save more. Thanks to the company I am working for here. Thanks God for all the blessings though it is really a sacrifice to work so far away from home. But I am beginning to embrace the different cultures and I am learning a lot from every individuals I am interacting with everyday of my work-life.

Seven months ago I was hesitant and very unsure of what is awaiting for me here in the Kingdom but now and looking back I can say that God really has its plans and purpose for everything that is happening to us. He has greater plan for all of us. We really have to trust Him. That much!

Yesterday as I recall  too I have this 12-minute of my life because I had this conversation with my loved ones. She was so busy and still are but somehow we are able to communicate via email and yesterday was the very first time I have heard her voice for about months that I have left the Philippines. She seemed relax and her angelic voice seemed to cool the very high temperature here in KSA. That 12-minute conversation seemed to be very long. That minutes of hearing her voice and reassuring that we are still OK means a lot to me. I know we have a lot of things to work on.

So that's it for now.
Happy Eid to all!


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