A Treat To Myself

This past week was a hectic one for me. The project/power plant is about to be turned over to us by this month onward and we are currently polishing and finishing those items and issues of concerned to be finalized and distributed to Hajr and Samsung. I have to follow up and check those reports from different department heads ( some QC and internal control works) and finally submit to our PGM then he will forward them to Hajr and Samsung. And almost all the transactions are in email but I preferred to most of the time approach personally the person's concerned to speed up the process. And we are half way through it.

So when Thursday night came I have to unwind and relax a bit. So where should I go then? I have rushed to Jarir and see some books available and I really have to buy again that one from Coelho because my first copy is in the Philippines. Then I have my dinner at Burger Fuel and yes it was delicious and the place is somehow classy and I felt at home because almost of the staff are Filipiinos!


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