Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#meme that's spreading like fire..

This morning upon opening my FB I have seen the usual news..but something got my attention and it was about Sen.Miriam - the lost hope president "should-be" years ago but somehow lost her luck due to unexplained Philippine's politics. Then she resurfaced with her "punch-lines" that were funny yet so true and hit like a fire..we need her to balance the dirty politics and a normal scene of plunder cases and other malicious accusations to our other government officials.

Then this morning she headlined herself again confessing through the wide world and very complicated social media that she has a lung cancer ( curable according to the news) and the netizens reacted and gave support to her as usual..and we should support her..she is battling a survival for her life..not only for this county maybe but for her own life..

And that's how I received news nowadays..through the social media with memes and hashtags to make the news more colorful..and the bashings among celebrities that even the wrong grammar and spelling of Gov. Vilma has been the feast of every twitter and facebook posts..what a wonderful world!


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