Thursday, October 12, 2017

At Home Again

And yes I am at home! It is almost one year and one month now that I have arrived from Saudi Arabia. And my life has never been so wonderful like this! Though I am still struggling to get a good offer from the many applications that I have, I can say that I have seen and really want to thank God by allowing me to see His grand purpose for me. I know I have not seen it fully but I know I am on that direction. This is really a blessing in disguise! I know that our Lord has the best plans for all of us. All we can do now is to wait. I have seen a very quotation about what is happening to me right now: it is something like this - God is not yet giving us what we asked  for because what He wants is to experience Him as of the moment. Thanks to my family and friends for keeping me sane is sometimes so harsh reality that I am  going through everyday. And let me share to you some of the memorable observations that I have in living for one year as doing nothing almost at all.

1. Somehow you are not alone - I have always tried my best to apply for a new job eversince I have landed here in our country. I know that I really need to have a job for financial support as well as for professional growth. However luck was not really on my side now. I have so many applications, then some interviews and a couple of offers local and abroad but somehow I managed not to accept because of some reasons. And everytime I am applying in an agency for deployment abroad, I have seen and talked to other applicants and believe me they have the same fate as me as well as some thousands or even millions that have got out of work mostly from Middle East. Some have spent 15 years or more and yet their contract have ended. And that is only because of the Oil Recession in the Middle East. And yes there are so many openings again but the job market has stiff competition and the lowest bidder or the applicant who will ask for the lowest salary will be hired. And mind you, the low salary that I am mentioning is somehow so low it almost cut my previous take home pay up to half or even more. That is one of the reason I have turned down some offers before. And I guess that scenario will last maybe a couple of years or more.

2. Living to my means - Before when I have a job in Saudi and money is somehow not a problem, I tend to purchase more and yet not so needed products. Before I used to eat at a fancy restaurants and have some coffee and tea to those Starbucks-like shop. But now I am thinking my future now. I still have some decent amount of means to buy however I am calculating what will remain if I go for the same habit as before. So now I settled for some lesser amount of expenses and luckily it helped me to realized to get back into shape. I am now on a diet but not so strict and thanks to my family who provide nutritious fooods like vegetables and fruits. And religiously I have lessened my intake of carbohydrates especially rice. And it is paying off. I know I have lose significant fats especially in my belly.

3. Life begins at 40 - yes I have turned 40 years old last June and I cannot stop aging but so be it. I have also noticed that some of the much older people who I admired most are really increasing in numbers. I have seen them in a local mall almost everyday when I am there too. They have this group and God knows why or what they are up to. Maybe some bonding with some colleagues or just malling around. And years from now I am seeing myself like them too. But I guess it is not too late to have some busy schedules on work before settling on that scene with senior citizen!

4. Social media presence - yes like most of the adults and teens worldwide I am somehow addicted to social media especially Facebook and others. And sometimes it really got into my system that even in my bed I have my smartphone and checking some updates. I also went into tourist escapade to different places just to see and of course to photograph the attractions and have selfie so that I could post them on social media. Then there comes a time that I guess I want to quit. And I cannot. So my solution is just to control it. And it is really hard to control the automatic habit of checking and posting and sharing almost everything online. But now I am making progress. I make it sure that my post and sharing activities are not that much compared previously.

So bye for now and I hope I could update here more often!

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