(photos were taken last Monday)

Today. March 12. Three days before my official 3rd month in the company. And the PGM secretary Mr Flor approached me this morning. He handed a paper. A very important paper. Yes! my probationary approval/appraisal form. And it was graded by Mr Saeed, Maintenance Manager who also manage us in the Technical Support team which I belong. And he gave me a very high grade! Thank you thank you very much! Thanks God for the blessing and officially (three days advance) I am regular employee of this company.

The photos in this post were taken last Monday and yes Mr Saeed never run out of surprises! As he promised last week he will give a mini-cake party if we have succeeded in our first major task in making PR of initial spare parts in SAP. And after long hours of OT and some sacrifices we had made it! And he was true to his promise. We had our cake party last Monday together with our big Bosses. Literally Big hahahaha!

And beginning last Monday I was in another major task as assigned by Operation Manager and the PGM, in completing the punch list items as presented by the owner, Hajr and the contractor, Samsung. In the coming days I will be dwelling in the deep sea of data from our side and the two companies as mentioned in digging and consolidating thousands of entries and data to have a meaningful updates. We had a meeting with Mr Brady - British manager of QA/QC of the owner, Hajr. He was old but very sharp in his work and words that somehow reflect his being as QC manager. I was also introduced to Mr Venoth and Mr Nabin - both from Q/A of Hajr and we will be working hand in hand in completing the punch list as needed.


  1. Congratulations Marls! Panu ba yan, taas sweldo yan?! :) We might be in your ate arlyn's house this Sat. Lunch. Saya. :)


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