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"Switch On"

Some days are really just fun and exciting and some days are just normal and unexpected things happen. Sometimes we have to be prepared to all circumstances. We must be just like that wires and switch that anytime can be turned off or on depending on a situation in life. But is it really like that in real life? We hope so.

A couple of nights ago we went to a hospital here in Dammam to see my friend and elementary classmate Gerry. We have to seek his assistance for a medical check-up of one of my fellow Filipino here in Dammam. Thanks God Gerry was there in that big Mouwasat Hospital. He was a supervisor of general services of that big government hospital here in our place. He almost ran the "show" for all the cleanliness and order of the whole hospital. It was so big we were lost in maze of hallways and floors. The medical check up did not last that long because Gerry made it clear that we will be prioritized. And he did.

Then we went to his house just a walk away from the hospital. My friend indeed was a changed man now. He said that he called Dammam as his home now. He stayed here for four years without returning to the Philippines. But he made a visit last month to our beloved country because of his ailing father. In his eyes and gestures I knew he was very contented here. We made plans of visiting some favorite destinations here in Dammam and Khobar and will go as far as the border of Saudi and Bharain in the other side of the bridge that connect the two countries. We also had plans of visiting Haraj - the bargain market for everything mostly second-hand items for home like washing machine etc., and also to visit Toyota market - a place for all the cheap meat and fish products just besides Haraj.

Just before he arrived to meet with us that night we stayed for about 45 minutes near the hospitals' coffee shop and it so happened that there was this Pinoy who has his arm cemented that time. He was about to checked out after a day of confinement and operation. I could see and feel the sadness and anguish but he managed to make a meaningful and cheerful conversations with us. He had this accident ( fall from his work) and his arm was heavily damaged that a metal and screw have to be put into it. And  as he said he will be on vacation for a month and a half depending on the progress of his arm. He was a crane technician/operator in a large heavy equipment rentals here in Saudi.

May the Good Lord bless us  and guide us here always!


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