Still Searching

Most of my work day, as it denotes, begins with the checking of my email. I have to open my Gmail, my Yahoo mail and Hotmail to get some trash messages from around the web and have to filter some meaningful attachments and information from my closest friends or colleagues. And this morning I have seen this comment. Oh my, my classmate got a very critical comment on my grammar usage in one of my blogs. Well thanks to him and I explained it dearly. So what's the point now? I don't know. All I know sometimes we are lost and we should be lost once in a while to find ourselves again. Just like last week we were in Abqaiq, a place just near our plant in Qurayyah, and we were looking for a new house to be rented. Our management had just decided that most of the employees should stay in Abqaiq so we decided that we should at first look for a decent house there. And so we trooped there and we were not surprise that some of the house for rent had just skyrocketed the price! Law of economics is still applicable in this part of the world!

But added to this twist and turn, just before the week ended the management announced that the plan to move to Abqaiq has been postponed until further noticed. So we were saved. But we have searched.

Just like in our daily life and in the usual routine, we tend to think that we are lost but somehow we are found in those boring routines and at first thought a never ending quest day of dull and nuisance life.

I still do believe in the power of search, of reflect and knowing oneself in order to find some meaning in this life. Amen? I guess and hope so.


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