Saturday, March 1, 2014

Connected Friday!

Thanks to Grover's Iphone - got these two photos (above and below) - Just last week I got the first major pressure in working here in Qurayyah IPP. Last Tuesday our manager Mr Sayied told us to go on overtime and finished the matching of items from Samsung ( the contractor) and from Hajr ( the owner) - we are the O&M operator . We had the list of items and the third one was from our main office in Jeddah and it was in SAP form. So we were the SAP rangers that day and night. It was about 1200 items to be inputted in the system to be able to create the very first PR for the spare parts initially needed for two-year operation of the plant. And so it went on smoothly until the system crashed! Yes the internet crashed that night on Tuesday and all of our data were lost. Not all at least. So our manager decided that the following day we should have our office work to be conducted in the Dammam Palace Hotel. And it was favorable to us. So on Wednesday we had our office work in the Palace and finished smoothly the much-needed SAP data. And at least we had done our best and somehow well-recognized by our PGM.

These Friday and Saturday are our rest day here in Saudi and it is time to reconnect once again to our loved ones in the Philippines. I have talked to Ate and Inay two days ago and yesterday I have the chance to talk to Kuya Henry ( his birthday yesterday) and to Tya Empen and also to my friend and cousin Alvin. Nice to hear their voices once again!

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