Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A View From The Top

(photos from Cocy's FB account)

Two weeks ago we went to 9th Floor of the Furnished Apartment where Coy, Duan and Archie reside. It so happened that their shifting schedules coincide with our day-off too. So we visited their room above. And marveled at the magnificent sight from their terrace. Standing and feeling the cold wind with such nostalgic sunset - wow! I remembered home..

But then again that stage of homesick-ness is over. Though sometimes we are longing for our use-to-be life in the Philippines, day by day we are waking up and getting to used to be here in Dammam. We are now actually "enjoying" it (especially when salary comes every end of the month hahahaha!)

Looking afar and looking below from the 9th floor reminds me of how great this city is. This blessed city and country is a second home for millions of us Filipinos who work and really benefiting from a much higher and no-tax pay-out for every worker. Looking at every background and reasons why we decided to shift course and headed here,we found some common factor: opportunity 

- opportunity to save more
- opportunity to widen our experience
- opportunity to broaden our horizon through constant interaction with different culture
- opportunity to discover oneself and capabilities given the circumstances of life here
- opportunity to help the Philippines' economy
- opportunity to seek the guidance of Almighty God in times of loneliness - much deeper here
- opportunity of freedom since you are on your own here ( no much intervention from family members)
- opportunity to mature
- opportunity to form new friendships and sometimes let go of the old ones in the Philippines

Somehow I think in my subconscious that I will be here for a short period of years ( two or four years) but maybe it will prove me wrong as long as this place little by little give meaning to our very own existence.

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