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Not Only For The Money

After several weeks of working with different nationalities and be a friend to them, somehow I get some meaningful conversation with them. We talked about our backgrounds, experiences among others. And ultimately why we have come here. And I've got a not so surprising answer: for the MONEY! as one Indian has said. Literally it was true. But for me, I work not for the money. For the pleasure for having it,what to gain from it. Experiences will be enriched if you have the financial resources to go on some travel and vacation. So definitely there's more to life than to say literally to work for the money. I am enjoying the stay here by means of money and I really appreciate discovering new experiences and people and place in this wonderful city of Dammam and the other suburbs nearby.

By the way last night we went to Khobar since today we have no work. So we ate there - thanks God I've missed those spaghetti! and I've bought a perfume - a D&G - and it was quite cool.  I have bought the Benetton on the first week of arrival here and maybe I can have some "collections" here since they are very much cheaper compared to Philippines' price.


  1. aw! travel! that's cool. Now who says money can't buy happiness? :)

  2. yes because money can buy security,travel,things that can make us happy..but it does not mean the more money one has the happier..a matter of perspective and needs too..

  3. yes, you are right. and money is a means and we can not deny that. so work work work and play (and travel and relax) on the side. Glad you have your best friends (books and coffee) with you. Ingats. :)

  4. salamat..and speaking of best friends..(close friends, best friends, whatever) naalala ko ang years..memories flash backs..friendships..learned wisdom (from each other)..much like the same when I left FFCruz..I have remembered Mam Gelay ( we still have communication) - one of my close friends..( ano ito "letting go syndrome" hahahaha)..

  5. haha. that's part of it siguro. people come and go. that's life.


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