Pass Time

Before lunch Bornok knocked on our door at 613. They were at 614. We were barely awake that time. He invited us to go on for a basketball in the next block where Adel and the others resided. But sorry we were not into playing hahahaha..(only watching ). A typical weekend for us here in Saudi Arabia. Busy doing something or nothing just to pass the time. And typically to relax and enjoy and rest so that a bunch of energy and hope will be restored for another weeks to come. And as we are talking about days and weeks, we have noticed that at this point in time, time itself is getting faster. Faster for that big day on the 11th month of stay that means we can avail of our yearly vacation. Home. Going home. Sometimes home is where your heart is. Always where your heart is. And now my heart is in Dammam. Though Valentine's day I still care. I will always care for someone thousands of miles from here. A reason to come back. A reason for this longest days and nights so that one day I could return home. To her. With her. Forever.

(photos from Grover's fb profile)


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