The Difference

And now we have the most employees in terms of nationality in our company now. Thanks God and it is making a difference.

Grover and Ayie are here..Bornok is here..Norbert, Danford,Ray ( our OJT before) are all here..Duan and Cocoy are here..Archie and his brother are also here..who else? some other guys from Ilijan..Oh I forgot Joel and Adel..who else..

Zander and Noel ( from I&C) might also come here..

And it is good to see them and actually feel the Filipino spirit as if we are also in the Philippines..thanks God for these blessings!!


  1. Oh wow! exodus? it wont be a hard adjustment for all of you there.Take care always.

  2. thanks!! and for the additional roster of resigned employees? Mayie has just resigned a week ago ata..and just yesterday the new HR - Rafy has filed the resignation..what's happening? well I dont know..hehehe..somehow I know hahahaha!!

  3. yeah, i heard about it. I was talking with thalits yesterday. owel. baka pana panahon nga lang yan.


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