Monday, September 1, 2014

A Day's Account

Some days are normal some days are unusual. Some weeks are the same just like the month before but sometimes some weeks has its distinction. There are times that define us some days are just passing by. Some days are just like a Sunday here in Dammam that I have to make some effort to wake up because it is the start of the work-week. And some days are just like any Thursday where we all know that it is the last day of the week working in our plant in Qurayyah.

Some days are just like the passing of the sun literally. It will hurt us the most especially the hot weather but nevertheless it is needed to pass and cross another day. Some days are just like night that we have to sleep all days to compensate to the lost hours of sleep during the weekends. Life in Saudi Arabia. Wonderful and sometimes strange.

Some nights are so strange too. This evening ( late afternoon maybe) after we have arrived from the plant we were amazed by the fact that there was no electricity in our flat. Imagine that! Humidity and extreme temperature will fry us definitely. But God was good. The electricity was restored an hour later.

And after that I have headed to Mouwasat Hospital to see and have a chitchat with my friend there. He was my classmate before. And he guided me here in Saudi somehow in my early days here. And now if there is nothing much to do I go to his place. And he is still in duty. They have this disaster drill preparedness/awareness going when I have arrived at the hospital. It was very good drill and somehow a "live" one that in case ( hopefully not) a disaster or war or chaos occur then the hospital and its staff and nurses and all the doctors will be prepared.

And after that I have stayed about more or less two hours talking with my friend. A nice conversation of what is happening. Of what is the latest. Of what about our sacrifices here. Of about somehow enjoying here in Saudi Arabia.

And somehow I was relieved. I know that I have friends that I can count on in times of need or some circumstances that sadness sink into my own soul.

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