Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting Colder

Yes the temperature and humidity are gradually decreasing. But it is still very hot here in Dammam. Or our body just adjusted to the extreme weather? Well thanks God it is "ber" month here and elsewhere and I can smell and sense Christmas even in this part of the world.

Thanks be to God that some periods like the one we have hurdled here in Middle East is little by little coming to its stabilized state.

But wait did you say colder? Oh my..I have forget that it is really extreme here that the swing will be on the far left and the temperature will drop as much as 5 degree in the coming months.

Welcome again my jacket!


  1. as much as i hate the heat, i also detest the cold. ouchieeee

  2. sarap mamasyal sa gabi pag malamig na hehehehe..with jacket and pants of course at talagang hindi ako tatagal sa lamig..


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