Thanks Be To God

Last week I have filed my vacation leave and unfortunately two of the highest manager did not approved it. And I was sad.

However a turn of event just happened today. I have approached PGM this morning and explained my vacation leave-dates. And he said that he will permit me if it will not overlap other Filipino in the Admin for more than a week. And so I have edit my vacation form and make it sure that only 7 working days will overlap but I will come back here on December 29. And he said "you don't want to spend new year in the Philippines?" I said "of course sir I want to spend the new year at home"!

So he said that I should edit and adjust the date so that it will be exactly 30 day-vacation leave that will cover the Christmas and New Year!

Thanks be to God! And my paper is in Jeddah now for processing.
I will be in the Philippines tentatively on December 3 up to January 3.


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