Thursday, September 4, 2014

"Gems Of Thoughts"

-"And my wife will ask me tomorrow regarding the outcome of this rerun meeting about these SODC's".. -

And we burst into laughter. He had a good sense of humor in this time of almost-done project status. Mr Brady led the meeting between the "owner", the "contractor" and the "operator". And we are the operator. The contractor is a Korean company and the owner is a local electricity company. This is the second meeting after two weeks. And we will have a follow up meeting every other week until everything is done.

I am one of the representative from our company to attend the meeting though we are only there as an observers but  I am somehow happy since what they are discussing are from my reports which collected from our section heads. I see to it that some processes are executed and turn some data into an organized reports that will be forwarded to the contractors for their necessary actions.

Last week the atmosphere is somehow different. Mr Brady ( head of Quality from the owner) was quite depressed but now he is happy and full of hopes that his target will be met in due time. He always reiterate that some of the issues being raised are but a peanuts in the mountains of work that has been already done, so why in the world it is not being taken care of.

There are three major issues that are being confronted in that meeting and I know that because of the cooperation between the three entities we will finish it on time.

Attending the said meeting give me some insights of how some leader and managers behaved in this kind of environment ( mainly construction and commissioning). Though I have been into construction work, this time it is a little bit different. We are the end-users now. Before I was connected as the contractor itself. Changing of positions, changing of perspectives.

And those gems of thoughts that crystallize after some time will definitely a big learning tool for me.

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