Monday, September 8, 2014

Anything Goes

This day is just an ordinary  day. But wait sometimes upon reflection an ordinary day just come out as a very good day!

This morning I have come to our PGM as I always do when something is not very clear to me. I have seek his approval and opinion regarding some issues about some data and documentation pertaining to the plant's take-over. It's good to know his opinion and he is a very good in decision-making and in giving his best options in a certain issue. And he even make the "common comment" - a " very good".

This night upon browsing the facebook feeds I have seen some photos and copied them in my computer. Some caught my attentions like the photo above and I have remember those moments when I have to decide whether to accept or not the contract here in Saudi. And I have choose my power of freedom to sign and here I am in the desert. And at first I think I have regretted it but now I can fully say I did not and I am very grateful that I am working here.

Another thoughts running on my head this evening is about those things that we the Gen-X used to have and will never experience by the millenials. And one of them is the cassette tapes. Everything now is almost digital unlike before that even listening to music is somehow analog or manual.

The photo above is from Ayie's FB and wow our plant is running almost on 100% capacity. Only the remaining one block ( block 6 ) is still not online. Thanks to Samsung and Hajr and to our members in Nomac and maybe next month the whole plant will be in its full capacity in line with the total turn-over of the plant to us.

And now based on the photo below I fully appreciate the power of notes-taking. I have this small notebook where I log in almost everything work-related mostly to-dos and checklist to get track of my daily activities. I have to do it so that no issues will be left out or finish unnoticed. 

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