Friday, September 5, 2014

What? Two Consecutive Christmas Here?

The plant is on the verge of fully operational. Almost all are so busy doing everything to patch up and clear all systems so that the mighty structure will be on its full capacity. I think we are running on 2700MW and a short of 1000MW to its full potential. I think one block is still not online. But eventually it will and we will take over the plant.

And as of now I am so busy too doing the documentation and the follow-ups of whatever things that the owner and the contractor have missed. And hopefully by December it will be a "OK" scenario.

And I have filed my vacation leave yesterday. The second in command said that he will allow me but of course with the approval of the first in command.

So this day our HR ( a Filipino too) followed up and I was trapped. They do not want us to be absent on December. They need our presence either one of us ( the HR) on this year. And poor me the HR has already filed and has been approved. He promised me that he will try his best to convince that they should allow me too on December since we will be overlapping schedule for two weeks only.

I hope I could go home on December. If not then it will be if possible on November or early next year.

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