Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do You Have The Fats ( Guts) To Take The Challenge?

Got this photo from Mr Zander Velasquez facebook account. I have seen the poster in the administration's building this morning. Should I join? I guess so.

As I said yesterday in my fb status "there is  no greater motivation than HEALTH" I will do my best to loosen up my weight for the sake of my health. The prize is somehow secondary.

So what shall I do then?

1. udpate my dailymile for my jogging routines.
2. got to have that 30-minute EZ Tone shake up in my sister's house.
3. Diet, diet, diet..but not starving myself.
4. And sleep earlier..let's say 11 pm instead of 12 midnight hahaha!!

Anyways this new program aiming to open up our mind to be health-conscious is good start to have a lean and healthy employees for this power plant. I hope this one will attract more participants or I guess I have to read the guidelines first. What if I do not qualify hahahhaa!!

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