Friday, July 26, 2013


Honestly I was flattered by the very fact that more than three has said it to me. But I guess I have no intention of getting it. But at least they perceived it as well good for me. Thanks but no thanks.

A couple of days ago there were supposedly "encounter" but it has happened and nothing happened. Weird as that. Seriously they were so casual. Enough to raise some eyes or whatever.  Does reconciliation ever occur on their mind? Nevermind!

Last night someone called me to go on their party. I did not have an intention to go. How can I proceed if I know by voice that there are some people there whom I do not like from the very start? How can I ever exchange drinks to those individuals whom I do not know if a friend or a foe? Mostly are enemies camouflage as so concerned but in reality they do not care. I have seen them a few years ago that they have said that they controlled some people in here but in reality they do not. I have seen them how they have left the battle and the most ironic of all? they seemed to have such solid image of true camaraderie. Excuse me?

Anyways I have forgiven myself by being so affected by them. Eventually I have noticed I have become as cold as I should be in dealing with them. Cold as stone. I don't even need them in whatsoever I am doing now.

Hopefully I could get out sooner. By the way the new jacket makes me a little bigger huhuhu..Ibigay ko na lang sa kuya hehehe..on the second thought it is rainy months right? Next year na lang hahaha!

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