Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Batangas City Day

It was a holiday yesterday..and it was raining not that hard..I have seen in Unang Hirit that GMA Network got the Sublian - Batangas City Day on their morning show. But it did not get me encouraged to go to downtown and see the parade -a yearly tradition for me. I have missed this time. Instead I went to my nephew's house and sleep for quite some time. Love the slow day of just doing nothing but cuddling that soft pillow and got lost in my sleep.

And I woke up at around 4 pm!! Then I went to the city proper. And that was all I've got. Some TV personalities had been gone that morning. And so I went to SM and got a glimpse of Julia Barreto. She was so young and a little bit chubby from a very distant crowd. I heard that  a couple of days ago some Kapuso stars like Marian Rivera drew no crowd in their appearance in Batangas City. Kapamilya still rules! And later last night I had some hours of continuous no non-sense conversation with a colleague and I was so happy to talk to some new breed of people around. They kept me young and ideas-absorber in this time of information overload. Those young people kept me to inspire to go beyond what is in store to myself. And I prayed to God that it is time for me to go on a leap of faith. Got to try something different. For myself. I hope God will grant me my wishes.

It was about 10pm that we went home. Thanks to my office mate with his son and wife who happened to be  in Starbucks also and I just ride in their car.


  1. pero maganda ba si julia barreto? parang maganda eh.

  2. yah very pretty very fresh! parang katniss ng hunger games..stereotype teenage today with some angas hehe


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