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I am updating my Linkedin profile lately since some job hunters are connected with this "professional networking sites". And I am gearing for such opportunities that I know are limitless out there if you have the guts and patience to apply and wait. And this is my profile in that said site ( )

Marlo Perez's Summary

With more than five years experience in inventory, material control, purchasing, logistics and customs clearance. Particularly interested to explore more on supply chain management and academic as well.

Specialties: Inventory management, material control, procurement, logistics.


• Highly competent in material/inventory control management and analysis.
• Proficient in using various Enterprise Resource Planning applications ( SAP and Solomon Systems) and Enterprise Asset Management System (Maximo System)
• Committed to improve material control administration aiming at reduction of cost.
• Effective in identifying practical solutions regarding issues that concern material control management.
• Knowledgeable in logistics functions and customs clearance/importation procedures and practices.
• Well-versed in Microsoft Office Applications ( MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others)
• Solution-oriented, decision-skilled and outcome driven.
• Strong organizational and communication skills.

Marlo Perez's Experience

Material Control Staff

KEPCO Ilijan Corporation

Utilities industry
October 2006 – Present (6 years 10 months) Ilijan, Batangas City
Responsible for material control functions of the power plant that includes inventory control and warehouse management.

• Administer and update SAP (ERP) Material Management module concerning material list, goods receipt, goods issuance, and other inventory functions for material management.
• Certify and check the stock availability of all Plant Material Requisition and do necessary adjustments in the quantity to be procured to reduce cost/expenses.
• Perform investigation and initiate settlement/adjustment regarding inventory variances, obsolete/non-moving materials according to material control guidelines.
• Evaluate, review procedures and policies and update the necessary changes for better material management of the plant.
• Set plan, prepare list of items for actual counting, witness routine and periodic inventory check-up and consolidate the final result.
• Perform other tasks necessary for the warehouse operation ( give assistance to warehouseman and logistics staff and answer queries from end-users and Finance Group)


F.F. Cruz & Co. Inc

August 2005 – February 2006 (7 months) Batangas City, Philippines
Responsible for the material and warehouse management functions of the whole project.

• Ensure that deliveries are received, inspected and delivered to end-users on time.
• In-charge of keeping an updated periodical beginning and ending balances of inventory items and records and ensure timely submission of reports.
• Prepare inventory reports for submission to accounting and contract engineer for updating budget and Bill of Quantity checking and subcontractor charging.
• Responsible in purchasing inventory consumables from local suppliers.

Assistant Warehouseman

F.F. Cruz & Co. Inc

June 2003 – August 2005 (2 years 3 months) Batangas City, Philippines
Responsible for warehouse management and customs clearance/importation matters for the whole project.

• Receive materials delivered on site and place them on proper arrangement for easy identification and inventory control.
• Responsible in preparation of inventory reports and reconciliation of variances
• Encode warehouse reports in the Solomon System ( warehouse / inventory software )
• Responsible in the processing of imported materials purchased abroad from requisition up to delivery and issuance to end-users.
• Process renewal of the re-export bond of the exempted importations of the company to Department of Finance and Bureau of Customs, Manila and give summary of importations necessary for the reimbursement from Philippine Ports Authority.

Customs Broker

Batangas Customs Brokerage & Forwarders Inc.

May 2002 – December 2002 (8 months) Batangas City
Responsible for the customs clearance functions for the company

• Process customs documents such as invoice, import entry, bill of lading necessary for the release of shipments.
• Compute customs duties to be paid by the client / importer for the release of their importations.
• Process renewal of re-export bond of the exempted importations from the Department of Finance and Bureau of Customs, Manila
• Help in marketing and soliciting new clients for the company.

Marlo Perez's Education

University of Batangas

Master In Business ManagementBusiness Administration

2008 – 2012

Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas

Bachelor of Science in Customs AdministrationCustoms Administration

1995 – 1999
Activities and Societies: Editor for the student paper. Officer in various school organizations.

Batangas National High School

Marlo Perez's Publications

  • Enterprise Risk Management of Kepco Ilijan Corporation: Problems and Challenges

    • November 20, 2012
    Authors: Marlo Perez
    The study explores on the strategies employed by Kepco Ilijan Corportion in implementing enterprise risk management.
    As part of determining the enterprise risk management strategies, the study focuses on the two classifications of risks; business or operational risk and environmental risk Moreover, implications are drawn which would serve as relevant contribution of this study not only for the...more

Marlo Perez's Projects

  • Status of Non-Moving Materials: Review and Plans of Action

    •  March 2012 to January 2013
    Team Members: Marlo Perez
    To thoroughly review the status of non-moving materials with assistance from the end-users in line with the Revised Material Procedures guidelines on obsolescence materials. This is also a project to dispose the obsolete materials according to the guidelines set forth.
  • Setting Of Safety Stock Quantity

    •  September 2011 to January 2013
    Team Members: Marlo Perez
    We had thoroughly reviewed and sought assistance of all the end-users to set the safety stock quantity and other material information in preparation for the migration to SAP and in line with the revision of Material Control Procedures. It had also initiated to control and reduce unnecessary procurement and helps concerned department to manage efficiently their assigned equipment and machineries.
  • Revision Of Material Control Procedures

    •  August 2011 to February 2012
    Team Members: Marlo Perez
    A comprehensive review and updating of the Material Control Procedures in line with the commitment to improve the inventory and warehouse management of the power plant. It was in support of the on-going improvement of material management for the continuous smooth operation of the power plant.
  • Reclassification of Inventory Materials

    •  November 2008 to February 2009
    Team Members: Marlo Perez
    It was a total review and reclassification of all the inventory materials of the power plant to set a clearer guidelines and definition for the "consumables" and "spare parts" for the plant. It was in line with the effort by the Material Control section as well as Finance Department to lessen the inventory spare parts of the power plant.
  • Integration of Purchased Subcontractor's Materials to the Existing Plant's Inventory

    •  June 2007 to January 2008
    Team Members: Marlo Perez
    Integration of the Purchased REOL Spare Parts and MHI materials to the existing Plant's inventory. Physically transferring and tagging the 4,000 materials from 4 container vans and giving them new item codes. Adding the said materials to the existing inventory database at a corresponding lesser purchased amount.

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