San Ka Tumatambay?

Last night I have to check out to 7-11 to buy some drinks. And I've got a root beer. Then all of a sudden at 7 pm a flock of students got by. I guess they were from Batangas National High School. They were so different from our days in high school. Most of them have cellphones if not smartphone. Some have Ipads too.

A few minutes later some gays entered the premises. They were looking for some magazines. And they bought bread. They stayed for awhile. Another lady came in. Maybe she was a teacher. She bought some papers and index cards. I noticed all of those happenings since I was at the store for around 5 or 10 minutes. Literally my tambayan last night.

Thanks to those convenient stores in which it operates for 24/7 basis. We might spend some minutes in there to eat, drink and chat with our friends. Unlike before we just go home.

And a city is progressive enough if these stores can be seen almost in every corner. And our city has more than a couple of chain of stores like these.


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