What's The Difference?

For comparison purposes let us first the similarities of the kids/youth of older and younger generations:

1. both generations have inclinations to music. grunge before emo at present.
2. both are confronted by the same social issues - poverty, natural disasters etc
3. both have generation gap with parents - a fix/constant denominator
4. both are on the verge of communication revolution - before was the pager now is the cellphone

So upon simple analysis all I can say is that the two generations are but the same; just differ in the TOOLS that they make to escape the boring REALITY! make sense? I hope so.Oh a simple reminder just don't compare our generation to a distant one say twenty years of gap..that's where the difference lies..

By the way I want some reviews fro Ironman 3 before I watch it please..


  1. not so daw. didn't bother to watch. had haircut instead.

  2. I have watched it already.my rate? 8 out of 10..im a fan but much more of spiderman and batman..


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