Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sports-Fest Are Made Of These

Despite the heat..but thanks to our location ( sea breeze gently cooled us down)...despite the time constraints.. we had some FUN! I tried on dart and I should have tried it a long time ago..hit it!
Events like this did not only focus on the sports itself. It had add-ons. I have two ( for personal reasons I cannot divulge it)..meeting new friends and building camaraderie .and of course be excited once in awhile once our team hit another championship game!

Thanks to Mr Seo and Ma'am Leah and Zandro our green team made it to the table tennis first prize ( champion yahoo!!) Another one was the volleyball..and unfortunately lose to White ( in basketball) because of the TURNING POINTS ( say it three points! ) from Rico..well as they say the BALL IS ROUND! you can never tell what will happens next! ( akalain mo yun na-shoot ni rico sa di mo inaasahang panahon hahhaha)..

And looking forward for another sportsfest next time..and by the way thanks also to our Korean expats who exhibited their sporting prowess especially in table tennis..and they made this exhibition game called Joku or Zoku ( whatever!)..


  1. :) good luck sa future career sa darts. hehehe

  2. hahahahah thanks.. need ko magpaturo sa mga MASTERS like Bryan, Ryan etc..tinalo ko naman si Ivan ( newbie din hehehehe) lamang ako ng isang puntos..( close ang laban ng mga baguhan!)


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