On Being Social

All are in facebook. You can see all. Almost all. Angry status message. Photo of everything mostly food. Relationships of some kind. Rude. Innocent. Diverse. The many face of facebook.

And I am falling on the trap. But not quite.

I have seen some people deleting people. Un-friending is so easy in the platform. One click away. In real life is much the same. Just neglect them and that's it. They are not as real as we see them to be.

I was kick-out of facebook once. Some "good friends" blocked me out. So what? Now I have seen them. At least now not later.

I got my rage on the social network too. I shout. I got angry. I name names. So what? my right. My definition of freedom.

Some stalk on facebook. Liars. Husbands and wives doing illicit affairs are caught on facebook. So naively not cautious. Or pure ignorance. Or just dumb.

Others still have no account on facebook. Hiding from someone? from something or just too lazy to type some verification codes. None of the above. They just don't want facebook. Period.


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