Everything has its own reason. Even liars too. Lies too have reasons. To not tell the truth.

With some observation and careful analysis I have come to conclusion that it is just a matter of game for them. The game of cat and mouse. Tom and Jerry. Oh I have remember the tandem again. Fuck them!

Sometimes I need some punching bags. Must be the two of them. Or just enough of their sacrifices within themselves that they have give up the mortal friendships just to feed their ego. Egoistic bastard! Karma should follow soon!

Rage now? No I am not. I am so calm. That's the effect of having years and years of mingling with idiots and morons and devils and demons called them.

Are you not one of them? if not then you are kidding right?

This is just a test. A mind-reading. Someone is trying to get into my head. Not quite sure of his motives. Unnecessary doings. A trifle. A minute effect. To be neglected.


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