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"Breaking Bad"

Never give up on something. On someone. The signs are clear.Well I have seen that signs from one of our shipment here at the warehouse. Can't get out of my mind so I'd better take a photo. And I did. Those signs are so useful to guide the cargo to its proper destination as well as they serve as safety precaution on how to handle some things in and out of the port or to its destination, let's say, in our warehouse. There are signs in which we believed to be some sort of heavenly signal to guide us. Those signs might be in the form of a superstition but sometimes our guts and feelings tell us they are the one who will give us the clue on weather to decide on something or not. And I believed in that. I believe in the signs.

A couple of days ago I have noticed in my Facebook news feeds that most of my foreign friends and following were talking about "Breaking Bad". I got curious and I have bought the two seasons, one and two. And I was hooked eversince. The story is somehow so ordinary yet so complicated that it really focused on what might  have been happening to us in particular. It was a story of a chemistry teacher who dragged by circumstances to go on a "dark world" of producing drugs because the case and the society push him to the limits. This is a TV series so addicting and not your typical crime investigation series but still I loved "Criminal Minds" and "NCIS" nonetheless.

Yesterday I have this time chatting with my friends who was in Dubai and he needed some help. Some professional help. His office-mate's shipment was in South Harbor and it was there for almost one month now. It was pending there for some reasons and the Bureau of Customs were so strict now. And he needed some "help". I called my friend and kumareng Sally who is working in a shipping line in Paranaque if she can give some advice. So they have talked each other yesterday via phone and email to see what they can do in such case of shipment being held in Manila's port. I have missed working with customs-clearance related job. I have about four years of relatively not so enjoyable working in some cases dealing with customs processing when I was still in my former employer. I have been traumatized by the corruption that the system was doing that time. And I guess it will never change in the coming years to come. I have thought of applying also in a position in our head office in Makati where a procurement officer had resigned so basically I am qualified but I have chosen not to because of practical and personal reasons. I might have landed a good perspective somewhere else just near in here if fate and luck come.

And tomorrow I will start the second stage of that "fate and luck thing" so to speak. May God be on my side always.


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