Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wasting Time Is Actually Not Wasted

It was a wonderful feeling to have that. I should have that years ago but thanks anyways. I should have gone to Korea but somehow fate did not matched it. I will have my time to have it. Or not. If my plans will push through then I will be embarking on a new mission with my life. To live in a far away place where I can showcase my talents and abilities.

Last night I had this very nice conversation with a younger one. Actually he is an HR practitioner. I have learned some insights from him and hope that he learned from me too. Lately I have realized I am really wasting my time in here but on the second thought I have learned a lot here. I have learned to polish my ability to write and edit meaningful policies and procedures and actually test them against the current situation. I have learned to give meaningful justification to whatever issues our section is concerned. I have learned to defend and improve the section to the best of my abilities. But I have to go on to the next level. I have to get what I want with what I can give. I have to even test my skills in a more challenging situations. And I can find them somewhere else. So I need to go really. I hope God will have me that luck and chance.

And maybe the answer has been on my side yesterday. Such a lucky day when they have informed me about the good news with details on the coming weeks.  Maybe this year I could leave this nest of mine for almost seven years. May God bless me always!

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