Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Vita 2013"

First stop: Nuvali and wake boarding..such a magnificent view and relaxing areas..boat ride..went for a walk..stress-free life! even if there was a storm literally!

Second stop: Victoria Mango Farm - greeted by a serenade and a lively Filipino folk dance..this was never so culturally motivated trip!! with mango everywhere and lots of foods..even the rain was so shy it poured that lunch in a secluded hide-away somewhere in Victoria, Laguna..we even learned how to play sabong hahaha!! some of our office-mates even tried the folk dance!

Before we go to Alabang we surely had our pasalubong at the Original!

We really enjoyed this "barilan" games..moved like a all you can! oh I forgot those kids at the upper level..I thought they were not our enemies hahahaha (kaya pala ang dami kong tama)..I still remember what the kid said " in this game there is no mercy.." we really had that sweat because of running, of shooting and just playing around..

Refreshing coffee and tea in Gong Cha!

Supposedly another pasalubong was from JCO but the lines were so depressing so we settled for Krispy Kreme..

Another one which we should take our dinner but because of the day ( TGIF!) there were so many people waiting in line so we just settled our dinner at Bulgogi Brothers..


  1. oh nice! but where is majo? out of the country? the group doesn't look complete without her.

  2. Oh I think may important atang pinuntahan si Majo..di na ako nakakabalita sa kabilang bldg at inventory count namin this month..audit season na naman..

  3. i c. can u please say hello to talits too. so nice to see her. miss her punchlines.


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