We thought she could get it. We thought it would pushed through. But sarcastically it never happened. The inevitable happened. The one with such letter got the post. And she cried for justice. We cried for justice.

We thought the two remaining top contestant will get it. Or one of them for that matter. And then someone intervened. In the lower hierarchy it has been decided but the higher one intervened. The main or the principal has finally decided and legally they should not mingle in here. And the inevitable happened. He is in. The very inexperienced boy is in. And goodluck to him!

And he will be swallowed like a stone in this place where barbaric acts are just so smoothly acted. And with naive and so little knowledge, maybe he would last in such a short call of time.

Or maybe some alteration will be made. Cost cutting. Management at its best. It is really time to go out!


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