Monday, October 7, 2013


Waiting. Yesterday. I was waiting for about an hour. Just drinking my coffee and sandwich. Wondering some people around. The vehicles.  The blank chairs. Time passing not so fast. I am waiting.

Patience is a virtue. Just imagine if you are a farmer. You will wait for the right season. For the rain. For the crops to grow. And money is very far from reality. Imagine if you are a soldier. You are in Mindanao. Your one foot is on the ground. You are the front liners. You will die first. And you will wait for months to come before you can go home.

And I am waiting patiently to get out of here. I wish I will never see again the like of someone who act so happily hurting others. Who masked himself and play as so good yet doing so bad. I am tired of hearing the same complaints again and again. I am tired of seeing people whom I can choke to death even hearing their names. I am tired of that.

Or maybe God is testing me to accept some people whom I distrust. To accept the situations where I can no longer control and trust all to God.

I hope God is right all the time. If not then my waiting is wasted. All the time.

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