Saturday, October 5, 2013

"What You Do With What You Know"

I should be somewhere else right now but I choose not to go. I choose to rest. To rest for one day and do something for me. Not for everything else but for me. Got on my bed on lunch time. Straight to the town. Got on the church for a few minutes. My routine if I did not make it to the Sunday Mass.

And now doing this one. After reading some newspaper at Starbucks earlier, I think I am heading nowhere. No direction just plain passing the time. Checking online presence. Email. Social media. Chatting. Checking some alerts here at Netopia.

Some lines made an impression with me while reading the news earlier. "What you do with what you know make all the difference" or somehow like that. Just do what you know is right is not always right. Do what you know will uplift your personal interest is the best thing to do now. And of course do not set foot on others just to reach it. But the norms now is the opposite of what I have said. Almost everyone is doing anything to get ahead. Even if it is killing everyone literally and figuratively. Or stealing someone's ideas for some time.

Enough for that sentiments. The world now is in shutdown mode because the US government is literally not doing anything because of some political issues. A shutdown in US means a shutdown in the world? Or some ripple effect I guess.

Yesterday was Teacher's Day and I have messaged my former teachers and professor via Facebook private message. And I thank them for giving us their students their time and knowledge and values that we actually using right now.

And I have seen how creative the younger generations now. They have made a video and uploaded it in facebook to honor their teachers!

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