Lately I am doing just fine. Waiting for that calls. Waiting for my chance to come and I am very eager  for it. But for the meantime I have this food trip once again but with caution. The photo below was in Donkin Donut in the downtown Batangas in P. Burgos. This central district of the city is somehow still alive despite the massive expansion of the urban planning within the city itself. And the photo below was last Saturday in Gerry's Grill in SM-Batangas with my former MBA classmates Darwin and Melmar. It was happier to talk and have a meaningful conversation with them and I actually enjoyed the little time that we were together.

The photo above was in Mister Donut in SM-Batangas and I really loved that Yan Dip and a brewed coffee in such a rainy day last week. And the two photos below were in Lallabamba Ihaw and Lugaw in Don Ramos just a walking distance from our house.

And lastly sometimes I have to roam the night just to get some air..


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