"Aalis Ka Pa?"

Waves of being uncomfortable in a certain place or position is quite visible here now. Many are trying to apply for a greener pasture somewhere else. I am not an exception.  There is no wrong to get more out of life in which this place definitely cannot give now. Maybe never. I never regret meeting some people here whom I have learned so much! Nakakasuka lang makasama yung mga taong parang ang sobrang linis at madumihin parang mahihiya ka namang katabi siya! But checking his very own personality eh sino ba naman siya to act like that? Isang gagong taong walang ginawa kundi guluhin ang mga nanahimik dine. Hindi tahakang ginugulo pero traydor nga kaya mag ingat na lang po!

That is one I have learned in here. To be numb  and go with the flow. Anyways they are just my 8-hour a day challenge. After that they do not exist. Nakakasuka na lang talaga! Kung may malilipatan nga lang!!

By the way we had our boys nights out last night with Japs, Jayson, Grover, Ryan and Edwin..what a night!!


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